Doug Does Chores: Laundry Edition

Doug loves to watch other kids playing on YouTube.  It has inspired a lot of his own play, especially fostering a love of trucks and tractors.  Talking to my husband, we wished he could watch kids being helpful around the house as well.  So we have decided to add a segment called “Doug Does Chores” to Mudpies & More to help you inspire helpfulness in your own kids. So without further ado, I give you episode one!

Doug Does Chores: Laundry Transfer


Kids love to “help” around the house!  Doug really enjoys helping me with various tasks around the house and in the yard. Doing chores can be a great learning tool for mental and physical development, as well as an awesome confidence booster.  Children’s “help” can be irritating for parents though, so take a deep breath and remember you are their first teacher (and everything can be cleaned again).  The Montessori method teaches parents and children to do many chores around the house for themselves in a proper way.  While this is amazing, some of their lessons can be extremely tedious for the parent to fully implement.  Seriously, one lesson suggested I only use my right hand to wipe spills, and to only wipe right to left, or to always use both hands when carrying a plate.  I understand my actions are a model for Doug’s actions, but I don’t care if he learns to wipe in circles so long as he’s learning to wipe up spills in general. My hat is off to the parents that dedicate themselves fully to the Montessori at home methods.   Even if not fully implementing every step the Montessori method encourages, you should absolutely familiarize yourself with some of their lessons and pull from them what is appropriate for you.  Tedious as some of it may be, the lessons are effective and often very inspiring.  Living Montessori Now is a great place to start.

Need more motivation to let your kids “help”?

research indicates that those children who do have a set of chores have higher self-esteem, are more responsible, and are better able to deal with frustration and delay gratification, all of which contribute to greater success in school.” – Center for Parenting Education

Turns out research has found kids do much better in life if they start helping with chores at an early age. This makes sense to me, as chores instill a sense of ownership and responsibility, and they allow kids to be a more productive member of the family which instills a sense of self confidence and place.  Doug loves doing his laundry! I met a 3 year old this week who loves to do the dishes. Household chores allow kids to become more independent, and isn’t that what we as parents are striving for?

I am not very strict with Doug’s chores yet.  I do make him clean up often, and then give him opportunities to help me when appropriate.  He is not rewarded for doing chores with more than a high five, and generally he is very proud of himself for completing the task and that is reward enough for both of us.  How are chores handled in your house?

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2 thoughts on “Doug Does Chores: Laundry Edition

  1. It is nice to have come across your blog. My son is about to be two years old and he loves to help with laundry. Also, whenever I make pancakes for breakfast, he helps to pour the water, flour and mix with his little mixer. – Vinita http://www/

    • Keep at it! At 3 my son blows me away by being actually helpful while doing laundry and even vacuuming up his own crumbs now. They are capable of so much and eager to help!

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